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Theresa Nordstrom is an innovative Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) with over 20 years of experience. As an Executive Recruiter and Candidate Attraction Specialist, she uses creative methods to help hiring leaders and executives enrich their organizations by attracting top talent.

Her mission is to guide hiring leaders to transform the way they recruit the best talent to their organization. Her grand vision is to change the HR industry as a whole with every client she works with.

In her years of helping CEOs and executives recruit talent, she’s seen it all. From roles that seem “cursed” with high turnover rates to millions of dollars spent on subpar recruiting from external companies, she’s helped hundreds of teams plagued with these problems.

With the wealth of experience she’s gained in big box retail, construction, food manufacturing, technology start-ups and plenty more, she’s able to help companies operating in a variety of industries.

Theresa’s last in-house role was as Vice President of Human Resources for a technology start-up that was one of the top 20% fastest growing companies in the US. There she worked side-by-side with the CEO to mature talent and ultimately position the company for an acquisition worth $80 million.

She took all of this experience and started her own firm in 2015 to further cultivate her passion for acquiring and engaging top talent, and more importantly, be of greater service to hiring leaders across a variety of industries.

As the Creator of the Attract, Convert, and Expand Mastermind, she helps hiring leaders eliminate ineffective hiring practices and embrace innovative and results-based recruitment.

Topics of Expertise

Traditional Recruiting is DEAD

For decades, talent acquisition has consisted of the same tired processes. Even though we’re living in an information economy with greater access to qualified candidates, the status quo has failed to evolve to meet the needs of our digital economy. Recruiting as we’ve known it is no longer an effective way to build teams.

Let’s discuss:

> The status quo in recruiting and why it doesn’t work

> Which methods work in this day and age and how it’s changing everything we know about recruiting top talent

> The biggest challenges that HR leaders face

Stop “Recruiting”; Start Attracting Ideal Candidates

Alexa ….? Google…? Send me top talent.

Some may call it Recruitment Marketing – I call it Candidate Attraction. Let me share how you can start receiving so many resumes from qualified candidates that your biggest problem will be figuring out how to triage them.

Let’s discuss:

> Progressive industry knowledge about how to attract talent

> How to stand out – with little to no extra financial investment

> How to move from almost “begging” for talent to being a magnet for talent

> Real success stories from companies of different sizes and industries

Building a Strong Employee Referral Culture

Countless recruiters and HR professionals are looking beyond a foundational hiring practice that many tout as “best” practice. Many of them have expressed their frustration with these ineffective methods.

Let me share how I’ve developed and implemented strong employee referral cultures in my clients’ respective organizations. There’s a missing link at the core of it all. Is it easy to fix? No. Is it easier than other recruiting methods? YES!

Let’s discuss:

> The importance of building an employee referral culture

> A step-by-step model to build this culture

> How to optimize the talent currently in a company

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