Your Company Needs An Innovative Recruiter Who Can Attract the Best Talent.

Talent is a key driver for meeting your business objectives.

If there’s a gap between where you are now and where you want to be in terms of talent, I can help.

This is how NOT to hire: try to find a candidate that “checks all the boxes” in a job description.

It’s simply not enough. If you want to attract the best talent for your company, you need to abandon the status quo and take a strategic approach to recruitment.

“So how can you help my team, Theresa?”

In short, I will use my revolutionary methods to recruit incredible talent for your teams. Furthermore, I will find candidates that optimize your current talent and business objectives.

I will do what’s necessary to develop a deep understanding of your business to find the ideal candidate for a role. This person will:

> have the right skills and experience
> possess a personality that matches your organization’s DNA
> want to grow with your business for the longterm

Together, we will dive into the core culture of your organization, optimize your approach to attracting top candidates that best align with your company’s ethos, values, and potential to thrive.

A Great Client

Talent Company works mainly with companies in the small to middle-market who are in growth mode. Those who challenge the status quo and push the industry standards to change the future.

  • Hires individuals who want to be ahead of the curve.
  • Moves swiftly through the interview process.
  • Are decisive.
  • Develops talent.
  • And so much more!

Roles most often hiring for:

> Accounting / Finance from CFO/Staff Accountant/Strategy/ Investor Relations
> Human Resources – CHRO to HR Generalist
> Senior executives for small to middle-market companies: COO, CEO, CIO, CHRO
> In addition, due to strong relationships with clients will sometimes do one-off IT roles with key clients.

Our work together will focus on the following:




Thanks to Theresa, we were finally able to assemble a team capable of getting us to the next level of growth and maturity.

“No one has worked harder or delivered better results for us than Theresa. Of the ten new hires we’ve had on my team since I joined my current organization just ten months ago, Theresa has placed five of them with us. She has taken the time to build a deep understanding of what we need (i.e., A Players), worked tirelessly to leverage and expand her network of candidates resulting in a better flow for us, and done a tremendous job managing the recruiting process from attract to hire. She is passionate about our organization and her candidates’ sense that passion. She is not focused on ‘filling an open requisition’ as much as she is on finding the right talent for us and the right role for her candidates.”
SVP & Chief Audit Executive

Say Hello to a Recruiter that Actually Knows How to Hire Top Talent.

It’s not too late to eliminate ineffective recruiting methods.