What You Should Expect from the Next Recruiter Who Calls You

If you’re good at your job and have made a name for yourself, you’re likely received a cold from a recruiter. Recruiters have positions to fill – that’s how they get paid – regardless of whether candidates are looking for a career change or not. If you’ve started to think about a career change or are always on the lookout for that perfect opportunity, there are a number of elements you should expect, or even demand, from any recruiter the contacts you.

The next time you find yourself in the middle of a recruitment call, look for these 5 criteria – proof of whether or not you’re talking to a quality recruiter.

1.  They’ve Done Their Homework

First and foremost, a good recruiter has done their homework. They know about your career history and skill-set. That information can be found easily enough by simply looking at your résumé or your profile on the company website or social media sites like LinkedIn. If they have to ask you very basic skill-set questions, they’re not willing to do the necessary work to find the job that best fits your needs.

2.  They’re Good at Driving the Conversation

A quality recruiter is going to look beyond your skills and ask you questions about where you are in your career. They want to see the whole picture: who you are, what makes you tick, and what career goals you have. They won’t simply wait for you to tell them; they will purposefully move the conversation in that direction.

3.  They Listen Closely and Genuinely Care About What You Say

Attentive listening is a sign of good manners and it just might be a sign that the recruiter is looking out for your best interests. Unfortunately, there are some recruiters who don’t put forth the effort to really listen. They simply don’t care unless what’s been said is in direct alignment with their agenda.

Look for open-ended questions. A first-rate recruiter won’t settle for “yes” or “no” answers; they really want to get to know you and will ask questions that require longer answers. They will then try to find links between what you’re looking for and the company they have in mind.

If you feel like you’re not being heard, or that what you’ve said isn’t important to the recruiter, it’s time to hang up.

4.  Their Insight into a Company and Its Culture Are Unparalleled

Companies have personalities or cultures that their employees need to fit into. Even if an employee looks perfect on paper, it doesn’t mean they’re going to fit into every company, nor will every company fit the employee.

Quality recruiters have a thorough knowledge of the company they are recruiting for and know what qualities a potential employee will need to fit into that work environment. If they don’t have a good understanding of this concept, they will, in essence, be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Such a move could put you in a precarious job position.

5.  There Is a Willingness to Help Even If You Are Not the Perfect Fit

After listening carefully, the recruiter will compare your skills, wants, needs, and goals with what a potential company has to offer. Even if they find that you’re not the right fit for the company or vice versa, they’ll be willing to help you find a company that is. A quality recruiting agent should be as concerned with your success as they are with securing a fee, which means they willingly coach you or give you insight into the job market.

You Deserve a High-Quality Recruiter on Your Side

Why waste your time with a sub-par recruiter? You’re a high-profile employee and deserve high-quality recruitment. When you know what to look for during a cold call, you will be able to quickly determine whether you’re dealing with excellence or not. Your time is valuable; give it to someone who truly deserves it.

You don’t need to wait for a cold call from a recruiter. Contact me today if you’re ready to make a career transition. Together we can find the best company and culture to fit your needs, wants, and skill-set.