5 Things Your Next Boss Owes You

If your goal is to secure a higher-level position with more responsibility, there are some important things you should keep in mind when considering a new employer. Your next employer should provide you with several things that help you do a better job for the organization and help you grow to become a more promotable employee. Here are five things that your next boss owes you.

Your Employer Knows Your Talents

To perform at the best of your ability, your employer must know where you excel as well as what areas need strengthening. You can discuss these things with your employer during your initial recruiting interview, but it’s also a good idea to update your employer from time to time. The strengths you display will help you in the future when it’s time for an advancement in your career. After you have been in your new position for a couple of months, schedule some time to talk with your employer about which areas of your job you feel most confident. This way, your employer can keep you in mind for future promotions which are in alignment with your strengths.

Honest Feedback

It’s important to let your employer know how much you appreciate feedback. It feels wonderful to receive positive feedback on a job well done, but you should also feel comfortable learning where you can improve. A good supervisor will be able to provide you with feedback that drives engagement and also enables you to excel. This is more than just getting an annual review; you should take the time to speak with your employer and ask for his or her honest opinion about your performance.

How You Prefer to be Recognized

Your employer should have a clear understanding of how you like to be recognized. If you regularly received awards and accolades at your previous job, then you should mention this. Being acknowledged in a way that motivates you and can serve as a morale booster is a tool that your employer would appreciate having.

Removing Barriers

A good supervisor should help you succeed by guiding you through tough situations. This doesn’t mean that they should simply carry you through a tough spot, it means that they will give you an honest opportunity to fail. Nobody likes failure, but if you fail once or twice and see where you made mistakes, you can learn a valuable lesson and improve your performance. They should ask you tough questions and put you through challenging situations to help you grow and improve. Learning to recognize your failures and how to improve them is the trademark of a leader–someone who can handle a position with more responsibility.

A Clear Expectation of What It Means to be Great

When starting a new position, it’s important that your new boss sets a clear example of what greatness looks like. Any good employee wants to perform at the highest level possible. Having an example of what greatness looks like can help in attaining this goal. You should know what results will not only make you a high-potential, promotable employee, but also what behaviors you should be exhibiting.

When your employer is recruiting someone for a high-level position with more responsibility, remembering these five things can help you be one of the top choices. Voice your expectations, and you will come across as an engaged employee who is prepared to take on the next challenge.