Win the Interview Before You Go Onsite

When preparing to go through the recruiting process for a more advanced position there are many things I like to keep in mind. Being properly prepared for a career advancement interview can mean the difference between receiving an offer and waiting for the next opportunity. There are some words of wisdom that have served me well when it comes to getting ready for a promotion. Showing up to speak with a board of directors without knowing any valuable information about the organization is never advisable. I need to be sure that I have done my due diligence and researched specific information about the organization. This not only reduces my stress during the interview process but also prepares me for many of the questions that the employer may ask about the position I am seeking to fill. Having the following arsenal of knowledge shows my seriousness and interest in attaining the position.

Find Out How the Employer Makes Money

One of the most important things I find out before speaking to any executive is exactly how the company makes its money. If they sell a product, I will familiarize myself with every item they have for sale and what makes each one unique. If they are offering a service, I will find out just how many package deals they offer, how much they cost, and what each one includes. This will help me prepare for any questions the executive may ask about the company and show that I have done my homework and am proactive.

Know the Company’s Competition

Another important area of research is to find out who their main competitors are and how the company compares. Knowing what makes this company stand out from the competition can help you decide if this is a solid choice for your career.

Investigate LinkedIn Profiles from Top People at the Company

Something that has really helped me during the recruiting process is to research any background information on the individuals who will be conducting the interview. Having this knowledge shows the interviewers that I have taken an interest in their professional career history. This also allows me to ask targeted questions about their background. LinkedIn is one of the best places to gather professional information about someone you may face during an interview.

ThoroughlyResearch the Company in Question

During the recruiting process, most interviewers will ask me to provide a one-minute speech on the company. Most candidates will talk about how much a company is worth, how much money a company makes, as well as when they were founded. However, this is generic information that doesn’t really impress the employer. To make yourself appear as a standout candidate, show that you have dug a little deeper in your research. Include information such as where a company has struggled in the past, any products or services that didn’t work, and how they have shown improvement over the years. Showing an employer that you recognize where they have excelled and transformed their business to remain highly competitive shows them you bring a sharp mind to the team.

The recruiting process for an advanced position should include serious preparation in order to stand out from the competition. Expecting to impress an executive during an interview with your personality and past work history doesn’t always give you the competitive edge. Being properly prepared for your next professional interview by incorporating these tips will go a long way in helping you win the next big opportunity that comes your way. Need help finding an opportunity now? Contact me and let’s get started today!